January: Holidays & Events to Promote This Month

Jan 5, 2021 5:10:06 PM

January is the favorite month for people who like beginnings -- people who keep saying the words ''fresh start'' until the syllables melt as sweetly on the tongue as vanilla ice cream

Major Holidays 🗓️ : The Dates You Should Know 

There is only one major national holiday in January. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday in the United States, marking Martin Luther King Jr. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year. King's birthday is January 15. The holiday is similar to holidays set under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

National Food Holidays: 
Customers will be looking for healthy options all week. Be smart and know that low-carb, KETO, healthy focused food items will be at the forefront of customers thinking. The beginning part of the month has multiple opportunities to promote fun foods. The middle and end of the month have some excellent opportunities to remix some classics. 

🥗 Diet🏃‍♀️Month
Salads, low carb wraps, carb free entrees and Keto minded options should be promoted all month. The holidays present such a rich series of meals, mixed with starting the year anew, January has become the go-to month for dieting. Keep this in mind when you look at your menu. What could you tweak or improve to target customers with options they'll jump on. 

Jan 5th: National
🍖 KETO Day
The diet craze that is sweeping the nation has finally been rewarded with a national food holiday day and you should think about how your customers may be viewing your menu. Does your menu have KETO or no carb entree options?

Jan 7th: National 🍤 Tempura Day
Promote the menu item that everyone loves. Upsell any appetizer, combos, or entrees with tempura specials. 
Jan 9th: National 🍑 Apricot Day
The deliciously sweet and flexible fruit can be molded into numerous desert types. Apricot and Goat Cheese Bites or a simple Apricot Tart with Pistachios can be the perfect complement to a lunch or dinner.

Jan 14th: National 🥪 Pastrami Sandwich Day
Fun fact: In Salt Lake City, in the early 1960s, Greek immigrants introduced a hamburger topped with pastrami and a special sauce.This pastrami burger remains a staple of local burger chains in Utah.  You can try to do the same this month! A popular delicatessen meat, pastrami is usually made from beef. Others make their pastrami sandwich with pork, mutton, or turkey. Think about a way you could remix the Pastrami sandwich.
Jan 15th: National 🥯 Bagel Day
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if you think about it, you can style a bagel at any time. If you serve or partner with a baker that serves bagels, think about how you could incorporate a worldwide favorite.

Jan 19th: National 🍿 Popcorn Day
An affordable food cost that can garner a cult following. Dozens of restaurants have turned flavored popcorn into a specialty that keeps the customers coming. Try buying some white popcorn kernels (they pop fresher and last longer) flavoring them based on your restaurants style or cuisine -- and think about adding a smart, cheap win to any pick-up order to start a dialog with your customers.

Jan 27th: National 🎂 Chocolate Cake Day
The ultimate dessert to reward all those beginning of the month diets. Think about running a cheat day special and target health nuts with a tasty reward to a month focused on health and dieting.

Major Events: 🏆🏀🏈 Sports!

With the Covid-19 crisis continuing to keep fans stuck at home, targeting sports fans is a great way to promote meals that can show up or be picked up to accommodate any live sporting event.

  • Jan 9th - 24th NFL Playoffs 🏈 : Whether your local team is in the playoffs or sitting on the sidelines, NFL fans love the competition that the playoffs bring out, and TV ratings stay pretty consistent. Let your customers know you want to help make them have the perfect game watching experience and have fresh food delivered or ready for them to pick up. 

    Check local listings for game times:
    January 9: AFC/NFC Wild Card Games (All Day)
    January 10: AFC/NFC Wild Card Games (All Day)
    January 16: AFC Divisional Round GM 1
    January 16: NFC Divisional Round GM 1
    January 17: AFC Divisional Round GM 2
    January 17: NFC Divisional Round GM 2
    January 24: NFC Championship Game
    January 24: AFC Championship Game

  • January 11: CFP National Championship Game – Ohio State vs. Alabama 🏈  8PM ET / 5PM PT
  • All January - NBA 🏀 & 🏒 NHL Return!   
    Due to Covid, the NBA and the NHL are both starting their seasons late; both leagues, however, offer a full slate of games, with scheduled regionally focused games to optimize player travel. So there is a lot of fun every night!

    NBA/NHL Promotion Ideas:
    • 1) Promote sharing-sized portions to drive up your average sale focused on game nights.
    • 2) Know your local listings but...
    • 3) ...don't be afraid to promote specials on nights where NBA and NHL action has national televised events. (Tuesdays - Thursdays)


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