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Elevating the brand marketing of some fantastic brands.
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Success Stories

We've had the pleasure of helping some great businesses see success in their marketing. Take a look below.



Nathan’s reached over 100,000 customers within a 4 mile radius

Nathan’s Famous worked with an agency for traditional media, PR, and organic social media. Nathan’s Famous wanted to make a foray into paid social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and wanted to do so in a cost-effective manner.

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Dynamic ad spend drives results to the highest performing stores

Sticky’s used an online ordering provider that enabled measurement both on the web and through a mobile application. The company had run some basic ads including boosting posts and trying to drive traffic to specific locations, but was looking to leverage Targetable to drive further, hyper-local awareness to their stores including markets outside of NYC.

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Sweetberry expands their marketing efforts across locations

Sweetberry had setup online ordering with a platform that had the ability to communicate with Targetable to enable online attribution. Sweetberry had some history running ads, but had not yet connect them to their online platform to understand online effectiveness.


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