You always have a team supporting you

Our Success Team is here to help!

  • Our Targetable Takeoff program makes sure you know how to use our system to accomplish all of your needs!
  • Our Success Team is available by email, chat, and text message. You can always schedule a call as well!
  •  And best yet -- our Success Team comes at no extra cost!


Free training on best practices

  • How to set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts to get the most out of their powerful advertising platforms
  • How to use our application and provide feedback in a way that will quickly improve your ads
  • How to look at ad results and understand what they mean for your brand and your business

Jump Start 

Your first meeting during your Targetable Takeoff program

  • We will confirm your Facebook settings
  • We will log you into Targetable
  • We will see an campaign specifically designed for you
  • We will review the application to make sure you know where everything is 
We send you ads relevant to your community and cities, so that your advertising is localized.


Your second meeting a few days after you start

  • We'll review the content our system has created for you
  • We'll make sure you know how to publish your ads to Facebook and Instagram
  • We'll make sure you know how to reach our Success Team
Each Insight you answer helps us send you better campaigns.

Cruise Control

Review how your ads are performing & answer any questions

  • We'll review your ad performance in your ad manager
  • We'll go over any feedback you've left and ensure it is optimized to best inform our system
  • We'll make sure you know how to reach us as you need us!
We understand the pain of multi-location management, so we incorporated it into our software.