December: Holidays & Events to Promote This Month

Nov 30, 2020 4:45:09 PM

December is a busy month for everyone! Try to optimize your messaging to be full of cheer and be aware of everyone's personal lives. 

December is a month with dozens of opportunities to let your customers know that you appreciate their service! Advertising and promoting around events and holidays is a great way to acknowledge customers' day-to-day lives, while showcasing your restaurant. 

Major Holidays 🗓️ : The Dates You Should Know 

This year Hanukkah falls early in the month at the end of the second week of December; while both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day and New Years Eve and New Years Day respectively land on Thursdays & Fridays.  

  • Hanukkah 🕎 : Dec 11th-Dec 18th - Brisket, Latkes, and Jelly Filled Donuts! There are dozens of fun foods you can promote to reach your Jewish customers. 

  • Christmas Eve & Day🎄: Dec 24th, 25th - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on a Thursday and Friday this year. So think about extending the holiday into the following weekend as everyone will be  looking for an easy meal.
  • New Years Eve & Day 🍾 : Dec 31st, Jan 1st - Hangovers should be aplenty after the year that 2020 was. New Years is also landing just before a weekend. Takeout, pick up and delivery should be very active during the last week and weekend of December. Promote it all week and into the weekend! 

National Food Holidays: Sweets 🍫 as Customer Treats 😋

The early part of the month has multiple opportunities to promote a free extra snack or sweet tooth item. Cookies, Cotton Candy and Brownies all have their National Day of the Year during the first week of December. 

Dec 4th: National 🍪 Cookie  Day
Insert a free cookie with any pickup or takeout as a thank you note and wish your customers a happy holidays.
Dec 7th: National 🍬 Cotton Candy Day
Put a little twist on a desert item with a cotton candy sweetener.
Dec 8th: National 😍 Brownie  Day
Offer a lunch or dinner combo that includes a brownie bonus to let your customers know you're in the holiday spirit.

Dec 13th: National 🍨 Ice Cream Day
Everyone's favorite dessert has its National Day during the most festive time of year. Think about how you can introduce a simple holiday twist to some vanilla ice cream.  (Our suggestion: sprinkles & mint chocolate - call it Christmas Tree Ice Cream)
Dec 15th: National 🧁 Cupcake Day
Cupcakes can be an affordable, easy-to-make surprise special on the menu and they can also be decorated to celebrate anything. Pick something from your local community and design some cupcakes around that! 

Major Events: 🏆🏈 🥊 Sports!

The middle of December is packed with multiple sporting events that are perfect to target for family members stuck at home and looking for some normalcy. *Check listings as dates may change due to Covid. 

  • Dec 12th Saturday Fight Night! 🥊 : Both UFC 256 and the Heavyweight Boxing Title Fight between Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev fall on the same day. So fight fans will be looking to be catered to on this day. Tell them to take a seat and the food is on the way. 

  • December 12th-19th College Football Championships 🏆: Due to Covid this year, the four biggest college championships have been condensed into two days. The Big-12, Pac-12, SEC Championship, and Big Ten Championships will be played Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th. Sports fans will be looking to buckle in and get some hot food deliveries to enjoy these match-ups. Check your local listings for other college football championship dates and times, and make sure to promote around any local college sporting events. 

  • All December - NFL Sundays: As the NFL turns the corner into playoff season, division titles are on the line. Be aware of your local teams standings and if they're in the race then cater to their fans for the big games on Sundays! Remember: Promote sharing-sized portions to drive up your average sale.  

Example Fight Night Targetable Suggested Campaign!

More Holidays to Consider This Month:

  • Dec 10th: Human Rights Day
  • Dec 10th: National Lager Day
  • Dec 14th: National Bouillabaisse Day
  • Dec 16th: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • Dec 17th: National Maple Syrup Day
  • Dec 19th National Hard Candy Day
  • Dec 20th: National Sangria Day
  • Dec 21st: National Ugly Sweater Day
  • Dec 22nd: National Coquito Day
  • Dec 23rd: Festivus*
  • Dec 26th Boxing Day
  • Dec. 28th National Call a Friend Day
  • Dec. 28th National Chocolate Candy Day
  • Dec. 30th: National Bacon Day

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