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A virtual ad agency for your business.

Targetable generates paid Facebook and Instagram ads specific for your business.

Ad Campaigns Ready To Publish

Image, text, ad spend and audience targeting all ready to go. 

Suggested campaigns arrive, ready to go only needing your approval!

You Drive Campaign Creation

We use data you approve, to target the right audience at the right time.


Approvals Automate Campaigns

Minimize your advertising effort to the simplicity of your favorite rideshare app.

Your responses to insights drive campaign creation.

Manage Locations and Brands

Manage all of your brands and locations in one simple feed. 

We've designed this tool for you to manage multiple locations and brands...

Targetable Works On Your Schedule

Manage ads during your morning coffee, late lunch, or shift drink.

We notify you for approvals, you manage them on your own time...

A virtual ad agency
for your business.