Own Your Customer to Drive Repeat Orders

Jan 14, 2021 8:26:18 AM

It is vital to own your customer so you can get more orders from them.  Use Facebook & Instagram ads to find new customers. Then email them to drive repeat orders.

Customers are great. Repeat customers are even better.

How can you get more repeat customers?

  1. Run email campaigns to let past customers know about your latest menu items and promotions
  2. Run text message campaigns to let them know about your latest offerings
  3. Set up a loyalty program to incentivize them to come back

To do any of the above, you need to own your customer! That means that you need to capture their contact information when they make their first order from you so that you can follow-up with emails, texts, or loyalty incentives.

You will not get all of that contact information with third party delivery. Instead, set-up a first party ordering system on a website where you can take orders on your own website instead of linking to a third party. A company like BentoBox can help you with that.

Now that you're ready to make the most of each customer, you need to get more new customers who will in turn become repeat customers! The best way to get new customers that will order on your website is Facebook & Instagram ads!

Facebook and Instagram ads are great because they let you cost-effectively:

  • Target people close to your restaurant
  • Drive people directly to your ordering page
  • Do not give the customer the option to see other restaurants like they see in a google search result

To run paid ads on Facebook you can:

  1. Learn Facebook Ad Manager;
  2. Pay an agency a full retainer;
  3. Use software which is cost effective and works!

Targetable is software that "does it for you." The platform creates ads specific for you including choosing the pictures and writing the text. It also builds a media buying strategy so your ad is seen by the right person at the right time.

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