We put your data to work.

Your data is the key insight to understanding your audience, share it safely with us to automate who we advertise to. We never share your data. 


Insights Per Location

Confirm facts about your location, answer simple questions to inform Suggested Campaigns. Answering insights, you train Targetable to Advertise Smarter for you.


Suggested Campaigns 

Targetable campaigns arrive ready to go with: images, text, budgets, target audiences and publishing schedules. Managed in a feed similar to Instagram.


Receive Insights and Suggested Campaigns Every Week!

Weekly Insights and Suggested Campaigns get delivered directly to you, easily publish, reject or edit ads.


Manage All Of Your Locations and Brands

We support per brand or location to help you optimize what ads are shown to each location's specific demographic. Ask about our discounts on volume sales! 


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