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With Targetable Start Advertising in Seconds

Your first ad is already waiting for you!

  • No meetings or confusing screens to navigate.
  • We take your content, images and text, and design a professional ad campaign.
  • A campaign that includes a digital strategy:  budgets, audience, geography, and more, addressed early and optimized for you.
Login and your first ad is waiting for you...

It's Always Working

Targetable never takes a break!

  • The platform continuously searches for advertising opportunities.
  • You'll be notified whenever Targetable generates a new campaign.
  • React to Targetable's Insights and only publish the campaigns you like.
We notify you when action is needed, no phone calls, no hassle.

Suggested Campaigns

Select, Edit and Publish Ads Created Specifically for Your Business

  • Looking for something different? Find new, targeted campaigns waiting for you every few days.
  • Change your mind? Targetable is fully customizable - you can edit any ad in real-time.
  • Not ready? You're in control. Select campaigns and approve everything before publishing.
We send you ads relevant to your community and cities, so that your advertising is localized.

Smarter Over Time

Use Our Insights Platform to Build An Ad Strategy That is Unique to You

  • Power your advertising with data to reach your best customers. 
  • React to information, patterns, and trends that inform and improve the system.
  • Targetable will tailor campaigns perfectly for your business by focusing on what is working for you.
Each Insight you answer helps us send you better campaigns.

Works with Multiple Locations or Brands

Manage all your marketing in one place.

  • Smart content and strategy targeted to specific needs of each brand.
  • Geographically expandable with no limit to how many locations you can add.
  • Receive relevant & specific Insights and Suggested Campaigns for each store.
We understand the pain of multi-location management, so we incorporated it into our software.

Advertise Smarter