Get Your Holiday Ads Out Early

Nov 23, 2020 8:42:20 AM

Create holiday ads to focus on your customers needs as they're making planning decisions. 

Holidays creep up on us every year. In a year when most of us don't remember what day of the week it is, it's easy to forget the holidays are upon us.

This week is Thanksgiving, which means you should already be planning for the holiday season. December has the most holidays out of any month in the year. 


The end of the year -- like most holidays -- is when families get together, which means larger orders and catering.


The time is now to start letting customers know your holiday plans!


Being a month ahead in your event and holiday marketing is key, such that you get your messaging in front of customers when they're planning.

With all of the demands running a restaurant, it's often easy to forget. Therefore, a simple tool that remembers these events and prepares advertising for you around them is an easy win. Targetable does just that -- suggesting ready-to-publish ads in addition to automating the rest of your paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. And it does it for every holiday throughout the year.

Let Targetable Handle Your Restaurant Advertising

Facebook and Instagram ads can take a lot of time or money to do right. You'll either spend hours each week perfecting your ads or you will pay a third party thousands of dollars per month to do so. 

  • Easy to Get Going & Great Service.: Your ads are ready just days after signing up.
  • Spend Smarter. Advertise Smarter: Spend money on ads, not people.
  • Lower Delivery Commissions: Drive customers to your first party ordering sites to increase the percent of orders where you do not pay commissions to the third party ordering sitres.

Targetable will help ensure you do Facebook & Instagram advertising right by looking at your ad performance and doubling down on what is working while stopping the ads that do not work. If you'd like to learn more, then please schedule a demo below.

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