Finding Employees on Social Media

Jul 15, 2021 9:04:19 PM

The best place to find your next employee is where they are spending time: On Facebook and Instagram.

Staffing is tremendously difficult right now for the hospitality industry. Across the country, restaurants are finding it difficult to find employees to work both the front and back of the house. Learn about how Facebook and Instagram ads can help you below.

Step #1: Declaring Your Ad is for Employment 

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Facebook has built-in rules around employment ads to watch your back: They don't want you to break anti-discrimination rules. If they think your ads are at risk of doing so, they'll simply reject them and stop them from running.

The first step for you to take is to declare your ad an employment ad when creating your campaign. In doing so, you're letting Facebook know that you intend to follow the rules with your ad.

Step #2: Choose the right interests 

Facebook makes a tremendous amount of targeting options available to you across behaviors, demographics, and interests when you run an ad to find customers. To ensure you don't accidentally discriminate, they limit the ways you can target an employment ad.

You will not be able to use behaviors or demographics. Additionally, the types of interests available to you will be restricted. 

If you don't declare your ad as an employment ad and choose the wrong targeting terms for your ad, then they will be rejected by Facebook and prohibited from running.

Step #3: Pick the right geography

Facebook will want to make sure you are not purposely avoiding certain areas near your restaurant. Therefore, if you target too tight a geography, your ad will get rejected. Make sure to pick enough zip codes or build a wide enough radius to get your ad approved. 

Step #4: Make a great ad

Once your ad will actually run because it complies with the rules, you then need to make it look compelling! A few tricks for a great employment ad:

Pick a great image: Emphasize your team with pictures of happy employees. Use a tool like Canva to layer in copy on top of your image so that your ad stands out in a Facebook or Instagram feed.  

Write compelling copy: People have a choice of where they work so make sure you spell out the reasons why people should choose you. Get a testimonial from an employee and list any perks to the job.

Insert a great call-to-action: An ad might get someone's attention, but they'll have to take a new step. Make sure you let your prospective employee know what to do next.

A great ad will get you clicks and begin to build the top of your recruiting funnel.


Social media can be an excellent way to source new employees.

Targetable can help you boost results and get even more customers!

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