4 Strategies For Small Businesses To Catch New Customers' Attention

Jun 9, 2021 12:00:00 PM

If you’re struggling with generating the attention you want for your business, now’s the time to step back and reconsider the strategies you’re already implementing. New customers won’t pay attention to you if you don’t offer them something valuable, do you agree?

What is your business already doing for people? What are your competitors doing? How would you like to be perceived? Answering these questions will help you develop solid strategies to actually get new customers. We’ll quickly share with you 4 strategies to catch new customers’ attention!



Strategy #1: Update Your Website

This is the first and most important step! If you already have a website, rethink if you’re offering the right information for new customers. There’s a lot to consider, but here are some good places to start:

  • Are graphics loading too slow? Consider optimization tools to reduce the size of your graphics.
  • Is your website mobile-friendly? Customers are mobile-first these days, so ensuring you have a great mobile experience is no longer a nice to have, but an entry point for having a business in the modern world.
  • Is there an easy way to contact you? Don’t make it tough to ask questions! Email, forms, links to all your social handles - have it ready and easy to find.


Strategy #2: Promote Your Expertise

We’re sure you’re an expert at what you do, but are your customers aware? It’s important that you efficiently communicate your expertise, that way you’ll be able to generate interest and even create buzz. How can you do it? Consider these tactics:

  • Participate in podcasts, webinars, or speak on panels.
  • Have articles written about you by contacting local news or industry blogs.
  • Use social media to create awareness campaigns.


Strategy #3: Partner With Other Businesses

If you’ve already identified what businesses are relevant to your target audience, then why not partner with some of them? Teaming up with those who aren’t direct competitors is a great way to get attention from their customers and give them attention from your customers. It’s a win-win situation!


Strategy #4: Take Advantage Of Reviews

What your current customers think of you is really important. Don’t underestimate the value of reviews; nowadays they’re a crucial part of the customer journey. Make sure you monitor all sites where people can leave reviews about you and respond to any complaints. Consider posting the best reviews on your website and social media accounts! You’ll make new customers feel more confident about you.


These are just a few strategies to take advantage of to boost your results and get more customers. You know what else will help? Targetable!

Now that you’ve taken advantage of these strategies, we can help you boost results and get even more customers!

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