We've launched a podcast!

Jul 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM

It’s Targetable Thursday! Is that a thing? No? It is now!

Introducing On Target with Targetable, our newly launched podcast where we speak with entrepreneurs about mastering the success of marketing with easy to implement tips, tricks and tools.

In this inaugural episode, our host Rev Ciancio speaks with Alan Cohen of AJ’s Burgers in New Rochelle, NY about his experiences with getting people in the door, tossing out old ways of doing marketing (no more flyers on cars!) and how, for less than a third of a dollar per click, Alan was able to use Targetable to increase awareness of his restaurant.

A few key points from Alan's conversation include:

  • AJ's Burgers saw 18,000 impressions for less than $30
  • It's 3x more expensive to boost a post than to do an ad - and boosting posts doesn't target your key audience!
  • Targetable takes care of your paid social for you

We hope you enjoy this first episode and join us for more as we continue to talk with entrepreneurs around the country about what they’re doing to improve their marketing using Targetable.

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