7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Oct 18, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Did you know that artificial intelligence can increase business productivity by 40%? That's true for the restaurant industry too. AI can take your social media campaigns to the next level.

What is artificial intelligence? It is the development of computer systems that perform tasks without the help of humans. Using AI in your marketing plan is essential to keep up in today's ever-changing online world. We're in the middle of an artificial intelligence revolution.

Artificial intelligence is changing everything—including marketing. Keep reading to learn seven benefits of using artificial intelligence in your digital marketing.

1. Machine Learning and Continued Learning

One of the benefits of artificial intelligence is the power of machine learning. What is machine learning? It's AI that can learn and improve from experience on its own without being programmed.

Machine learning focuses on computer programs that access data and use it to learn for themselves. Using AI is a great way to help identify trends about your restaurant. It collects data from various places such as your social media accounts, menus, online reviews, or your website. Then AI uses that information to create and deliver content that resonates with your audience. 

2. Smart Advertising on Social Media

If you're a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of advertising. But have you tried smart advertising powered by artificial intelligence? Backing your social media campaigns with AI changes the game.

Artificial intelligence software allows for an insightful analysis of your restaurant and your customers online. By using AI in your marketing strategy, you can start utilizing all of that available data to become smarter and reach more potential customers, with compelling ads, at more opportune times.

3. Bots and AI Chats on Your Website

If you don't have a website for your restaurant, stop right here and go make one now. If you do have a website, pat yourself on the back, and keep reading.

The next tip is to add an AI chat function to your website to handle frequently asked questions. Your visitors will appreciate the 24/7 customer service and quick response from your restaurant. Plus, it will save you and your employees a ton of time from answering the same questions over and over again. An artificial intelligence chatbot is a great way to improve customer service and streamline the process for your employees. 

4. Reduced Marketing Costs for the Best ROI

Are you currently spending a lot of money on marketing agencies and not seeing results? Targetable is a lot less expensive and is powered AI to give you the best possible ROI. Automated AI saves on time and marketing costs, while making the customer experience more personalized and efficient. 

5. Increased Personalization for Customers

Did you know that in 2017, over 40% of consumers switched brands due to the lack of personalization? Artificial intelligence can help you ramp up customization and improve customer retention.

Artificial intelligence can help you do a plethora of things. For example, AI can use data from previous customer journeys to predict future outcomes for new customers. It can also send your customers personalized automated emails or improve social media ad targeting.

Be sure to set up predicted and automated customer journeys in your marketing plan. This software will help to streamline your lead growth. These improvements are things you can do to ensure your restaurant customers feel like valued patrons.

6. Refined Content Delivery on Social Media

Are you interested in refining your ad targeting to increase engagements on social media? Artificial intelligence can help!

Incorporating audience analytics into your restaurant's AI software will give you better results. AI can go more in-depth than the regular audience settings, finding and targeting more potential customers.

After artificial intelligence identifies potential customers, it shows them the most relevant content at the most effective times. By continuously serving relevant content to your customers, you'll increase the success of your restaurant's social media campaigns.

Using AI to track your customer's preferences and behaviors will help you get a better understanding of how to appeal to them most.

7. Artificial Intelligence Can Decide What Content to Create and When to Distribute it

Did you know that 47% of marketers say scaling up their content marketing efforts is their biggest challenge? Artificial intelligence makes this job easy by streamlining content creation and handling distribution for you.

AI can understand open forms of communication. That means it can learn your personality by tracking emotion in your social media posts. From there it embodies your brand's voice to create content that resonates with your audience and sound's like you. 

Artificial intelligence can help you identify your top-performing content, plan for future content, repurpose content, and distribute your content optimally across all of your restaurant's channels.

Ready to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

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