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How Targetable is helping restaurants like Pasta Design using a pure AWS Tech Stack

Oct 25, 2019, 1:59:25 PM

“Targetable just works. It is fast and easy to use. I can spend a few minutes a week on my phone, approving and managing my ad campaigns that bring people in to buy our pasta.”

Laura Rodriguez
Head Chef, Co-Owner
Pasta Design
Liberty Market Food Hall
San Diego, CA



About Targetable
Targetable is a virtual ad agency created by restaurant people, for restaurant people. Our SaaS solution uncomplicates your social media advertising routine and makes it just as quick and straightforward as ordering lunch on your favorite food delivery app. The platform generates full digital marketing campaigns tailored specifically for your restaurant. Save time and maximize your results; easily set budgets, target audiences, and set publishing schedules- all in a user-friendly format. Each new ad arrives complete with an optimized digital strategy, images, and text. All the user has to think about is whether to publish, edit, or dismiss.

HEROFI is an exciting new start-up that is currently launching our new product, Targetable. Targetable generates, publishes, iterates, and optimizes digital marketing for restaurants.

HEROFI was founded in 2014, and our underlying technology has been used at 1500+ restaurants. While the company is headquartered in San Diego, we operate a distributed, remote team. We work asynchronously and trust one another to accomplish goals. Our founders have 20+ years of designing software for retail, and we are backed by top investors and advised by industry veterans.

About Pasta Design
Pasta Design is a QSR concept that offers fresh, hand-made pasta and sauces in a quick-serve format. We combine local ingredients and three generations of experience to create the finest pasta and ravioli possible. All of our pasta is hand-rolled with the best semolina and durum flours you can buy, all-natural flavorings and spices, including cage-free locally sourced eggs.

We’re a husband and wife team originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Growing up there, it was customary to go down to the local shop to pick out your pasta for the evening. It’s a unique experience, where you walk in, and they have every sort of pasta you can imagine. We wanted to share that same joy with our customers by offering a wide assortment of different flavors, colors, and styles to choose from. It’s that experience that led us to spend many years in Barcelona, Spain, perfecting our craft before opening Pasta Design here in San Diego, California. 


The Pasta Design Challenge
Help Pasta Design get people in the door by using Facebook and Instagram ads to reach more of their perfect customers. They’re busy restaurant owners without the time to do it themselves or the budget to hire a full-time agency.

The Targetable Challenge

  • The company infrastructure could not process the scale and variety of inbound traffic data available from a range of social media platforms and external sources at all, let alone quickly.
  • They needed to process data and create ad campaigns from thousands of SMB locations and large chains all over the United States, Oceania, and Europe with minimal latency while satisfying regional data protection and privacy regulations.
  • We also needed to find a solution that would properly integrate with its use of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), and Amazon DynamoDB.


The Targetable Solution

  • Easy to use, mobile-ready web app built entirely on an AWS microservices architecture.
  • Leverages AWS Lambda to process inbound traffic from social media platforms and external data sources within milliseconds of arrival and significantly reduce delays in the Targetable’s traffic queue.
  • Automatically scales to support inbound traffic increases without requiring staff to provision and maintain additional IT resources.
  • Targetable integrates with event triggers from Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, and Webhooks to process incoming data and content as it arrives.


Targetable’s Benefits

  • By using AWS Lambda, Targetable easily scales to manage the inbound data and improve the ability to deliver localized digital ad campaigns to its customers.
  • Targetable also significantly reduced its server maintenance needs and reports that they improved the overall solution performance by using AWS Lambda.
  • By using a 100% AWS serverless architecture, it has been relatively simple to maintain regional redundancies in multiple AWS Regions around the world to ensure availability and compliance with regional data privacy and protection regulations.

Pasta Design’s Benefits

  • They now have a simple digital marketing solution for their restaurant that saves them time and money. 
  • Targetable does all of the heavy lifting. They don’t have to wing it anymore or wonder if they’re doing it right. 
  • They’re reaching more people, increasing brand awareness, and getting more customers in the door. 
  • They are excited about our service so far and we’re happy to be part of their success story. 

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