Webinar: Three Social Media Playbooks That Drive Revenue For the Fastest Growing Brands

Aug 13, 2021 12:08:20 PM

Social media can drive foot-traffic and online orders for multi-location operators -- the key is to understand your goals and implement playbooks that will help you realize them. 

Join host David "Rev" Ciancio (Head of Revenue Marketing at Branded Strategic Hospitality) and Targetable CEO Andrew Nash as we discuss three playbooks for multi-location operators:

  1. The New Store Playbook to make sure your store openings are a success. We highlight our success with Mo' Bettahs around their store opening in Ammon, Idaho.
  2. The Online Ordering Playbook to drive orders on your preferred ordering site across all of your stores. We discuss our implementation with Sweetberry Bowls for their stores across the East Coast. 
  3. The Franchise System Playbook that enables franchisees to participate in their hyperlocal marketing. We review our execution with Your Pie -- a 90 store franchise network across the country.


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