Webinar Replay: Organic, Paid, or Promoted? Becoming Massively Effective with Facebook & Instagram

Dec 16, 2020 3:33:26 PM

About the Webinar:
Using Facebook and Instagram is an incredible way to reach local customers who would be interested in your business, create a community and increase retention.

Both networks give you several ways in which you can use the system. You can share content organically, you can promote a post or you can spend money on creating advertising.

It seems easy … take some pictures, write some text, upload to the platforms and wait for the magic to happen.

But it’s easy to misappropriate efforts, time and budget in using these tools. You can easily find yourself having spent hours of your time with no meaningful results! To achieve your goals you need to know what are the pros and cons of each option.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:
  • What are the best ways of reaching local customers using Facebook & Instagram. Local awareness, promoted, paid ads, social, etc. 
  • How to get around the hurdles of social vs. ads vs. promotion. 
  • How to maximize your effectiveness with what and how you post. 

Our webinar is hosted by
David "Rev" Ciancio the Head of Revenue Marketing at Branded Strategic

Who is Rev?
»  Restaurant Marketing Consultant
»  He helps restaurants & brands with their marketing
»  Supports hundreds of restaurants to help them attract and retain customers.
»  ~100k+ followers on his restaurant marketing oriented Instagram, follow him today for great tips and #restaurantmarketing content!

Let Rev walk you through how Targetable makes advertising easier! 

Facebook and Instagram ads can take a lot of time or money to do right. You'll either spend hours each week perfecting your ads or you will pay a third party thousands of dollars per month to do so. 

Targetable automates all of this for you for $149 per store per month. You'll execute effective Facebook & Instagram advertising in just 10-20 minutes per week.

As shown in the image below, Targetable will provided a fully drafted campaign that includes:

  • The Ad Preview: The image and copy that is specific to your restaurant

  • The Ad Strategy: A suggestion of who to target, how much to spend, and how much to budget



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