Organic is Dead. Long Live Organic.

Dec 15, 2020 9:16:45 AM

The Facebook Feed is a Crowded Place. And Its Algorithms Are Not Friendly to Your Organic Posts. Yet, it's Still Important to Post.  

You spend a lot of time taking great photos for your social media.

You stage the dish with the right garnish and place it on at the right table setting. 

You make sure to get the right lighting.

And you make sure you get a smiling customer in the picture.

Yet, you only get a few likes.

The Facebook feed is as crowded as ever. And Facebook has made it a pay to play game to get your brand in the coveted real estate that is your followers' feeds. In fact, your average post will only be seen by 5.2% of your followers.

Still, social is critical as your images cumulatively become a single place where potential customers can see media about your offering. While a single post might not get seen, the library of photos you accumulate give people a place to see your food.

  • 90% of customers research a restaurant before ordering (Source: Upserve)
  • 75% of people who purchased a product did so after seeing it on social (Source: Sprout Social)
  • 85% of customers need to see something on social more than once in order to buy (Source: Sprout Social | Chart Below).

Number of Times People Need to See Something

So if a single post is barely going to be seen and if you are told with regularity to find room in your marketing budget to spend on paid Facebook and Instagram ads, then why should you keep investing in organic posts?

Here are two reasons:

  1. Ads will get you in front of new eyes, but it might not close the sale. Customers who see your ads will check out your social profiles before deciding to purchase. Give them plenty to look at and get them excited for to order.
  2. Your organic content can make great ads. Don't hesitate to re-purpose the same image for a paid ad. Multi-purposing an image is a great way to get a return on the time. 

Targetable can help you get more out of your organic posts by turning your great content into great ads. Not only will Targetable update the text, but it will also target the right customers at the right time.

This will help in two ways:

  1. Primarily: Driving more eyes to your website for orders.
  2. Secondarily: Slowly but surely helping to grow your followers.
The image below is represents the growth in followers for a San Diego restaurant that used Targetable. 

12% Facebook follower growth...

They saw a 12% increase in their follower count.  This is on top of the orders the ads helped to drive. 

If you're interested in automating your ads, getting more sales, and increasing your follower count, then book a demo by clicking into the calendar below.

Targetable Suggested Campaign

We send you ads ready to publish, with the an ad preview, ad strategy presented alongside the campaign text, campaign image, and campaign strategy. 

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