Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X And Boomers: What Are They Looking For In A Restaurant?

Mar 1, 2021 8:25:37 AM

Each generation is looking for a specific experience in your restaurant! But what are they looking for and what should you know about them?

Understanding their preferences and desires is the key to having a good marketing strategy for your restaurant. Let’s find out what Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers want!

Gen Z : Born 1995 to 2014
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What should you know about them?

  • They will splurge on food! They love to treat themselves with what they like and will spend money in their cravings above all else.

  • They like Fast Casual Restaurants and are looking for a quick service.

  • Since they grew with technology, they expect to find all the information about your restaurant online.

  • Reviews are important to them, and the best way to reach them is online.

Millennials: Born 1980 to 1994
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What should you know about them?

  • They love to eat out! They are always looking for new experiences.

  • Fresh and natural ingredients are very important to them.

  • Fast food isn’t always their favorite choice, they’d rather choose a Fast Casual Restaurant or a Fine Dining experience.

  • They will always look up for an online menu before going to a restaurant.

Gen X: Born 1964 to 1980
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What should you know about them?

  • Organic food is a must for them! They will choose your restaurant if you offer this option.

  • They are constantly looking for a family dining experience.

  • Even though they are not so much into tech as other generations, they will look up reviews and appreciate online deals.

  • Since they are busy with work, family, etc they are more likely to order restaurant delivery than any other group.

Baby Boomers: Born 1946 to 1964
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What should you know about them?

  • They will spend a significant amount of money while eating out.
  • As this generation continues to age, they are looking for more healthy options.
  • Good service is a must for them! They will value friendly service.
  • They are used to loyalty programs and they love them, so don’t forget to have one in your restaurant. 
  • People often think they are not a good target for a digital marketing strategy, but they are online and they are open to new options.


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