4 Simple Goals You Can Achieve By Advertising Your Restaurant On Facebook And Instagram

Mar 12, 2021 10:35:13 AM

Having a social media strategy for your restaurant is a must and it’s not only about getting likes and followers, did you know that you can achieve more than that?

Most of the time, people think that a successful social media campaign is full of likes, but, if you don’t have clear and defined goals, you’re probably wasting your time and effort. This probably sounds harsh but we want to share with you some examples of goals that you’ll be able to easily achieve by using Facebook and Instagram to advertise your restaurant!

Goal 1: Boost Online Reservations

Things are getting back to normal, and folks are going to start coming back to their favorite restaurants! Are you taking online reservations? They will make coming to your restaurant more convenient! How? They help you accommodate more customers and give guests more accurate wait times. By making a campaign to promote reservations, you’ll not only get a like from a potential customer, but you’ll also get a butt in a seat!?

Goal 2: Raise Brand Awareness

If you’re interested in catching new customers’ attention, this is the marketing goal you’re looking for! Awareness is critical to your business’s success; people are more likely to visit or order from your restaurant if they know something about you! How can you do it? You can make a campaign to promote your logo, slogan, essential menu items, or even reviews.

Goal 3: Increase Online Orders (Delivery & Pick Up)

Having an online ordering system or being affiliated to third-party companies is incredibly important! It’s not only about simplifying your customers’ lives, but also about ensuring that your business can stand tall in the competitor market. But how can you get more sales if there’s so much competition? You need to have not one but several campaigns to boost online orders. Whether you want to focus on delivery or takeout, Facebook and Instagram are great tools to do this.

Goal 4: Encourage People To Sign Up For Your Loyalty Program

Do you want to make your customers feel recognized and special? Then offering a loyalty program is the key! But, what’s the point of having one if no one knows about it? If you make a campaign to promote it, you’ll not only be able to get subscriptions from your current customers, you’ll be able to get brand new customers.


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