Sweetberry expands their marketing efforts across locations

Targetable does a lot of the heavy lifting. I let them run with it and I see the results. I wouldn't have time otherwise to do it.


About Sweetberry Bowls

Sweetberry Bowls was founded in 2017 to feed the ever-growing health-conscious consumer. The company strives to offer fast and healthy alternatives, that are beautiful and delicious and hopes to inspire people to be more conscious of what they eat and their everyday diet. The company feels a responsibility of educating the public about health and wellness.


Sweetberry had setup online ordering with a platform that had the ability to communicate with Targetable to enable online attribution. Sweetberry had some history running ads, but had not yet connect them to their online platform to understand online effectiveness.


  • Make marketing measurable including connecting to online ordering site to understand return on ad spend (i.e.; the amount of online ordering revenue ads drove)
  • Drive local awareness around store locations
  • Make Facebook & Instagram paid advertising easy and effective


  • Targetable made marketing measurable. We integrated with Sweetberry Bowl’s online ordering provider to connect online orders to consumers who saw Sweetberry Bowls ads.

  • Targetable created great looking ads. We leveraged Sweetberry Bowls existing media assets to produce Facebook & Instagram ads.

  • Targetable leveraged dynamic ad buying to optimize Sweetberry Bowls return across its stores. We focused Sweetberry Bowls ad spend in markets that generated the highest returns and dynamically apportioned their budget over time in best performing markets.

  • Targetable provided excellent service. We were available to Sweetberry Bowls CEO to explain our strategies, ensure they aligned with the brand, and account for corporate promotions.

  • Targetable made Facebook advertising easy. Sweetberry Bowls CEO was able to manage Sweetberry’s ads directly in minutes per week.


  • Sweetberry Bowls added more stores to Targetable. Sweetberry Bowls started with two locations using Targetable before adding more corporate owned and franchise locations.

  • Sweetberry Bowls had confidence in expanding its marketing budget. After seeing measurable return on ad spend, Sweetberry expanded its marketing investment.

  • Targetable periodically updates creative to keep the brand fresh and ads performing. When ads have high frequencies (i.e.; the number of times the average hyperlocal customer sees a Sweetberry Bowls ad), Targetable will refresh the ads to avoid “brand fatigue.”

"I would urge a lot of operators who don’t have time and are not savvy to give [Targetable] a shot."

-Desi Saran, CEO, Sweetberry Bowls

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