Dynamic ad spend drives results to the highest performing stores


About Sticky's Finger Joint

Sticky’s was created out of a love for chicken fingers, and the desire to think outside of the box for how a restaurant could serve them. The founders of Sticky’s thought there were a lot of New Yorkers who really loved chicken fingers but didn’t have a great place to get them; and thus, Sticky’s was born!


Sticky’s used an online ordering provider that enabled measurement both on the web and through a mobile application. The company had run some basic ads including boosting posts and trying to drive traffic to specific locations.


  • Drive local awareness around store locations

  • Drive sales across its store network

  • Hyperlocal targeting in a very dense NYC market

  • Assist in driving sales in additional markets outside of NYC

  • Make Facebook & Instagram paid advertising easy and effective


  • Targetable made marketing measurable. We integrated with Sticky’s online ordering provider to connect online orders to consumers who saw Sticky’s ads.

  • Targetable created great looking ads. We turned Sticky’s existing imagery into beautiful ads that drove results.

  • Targetable enabled hyperlocal ad buying. We enabled Sticky’s to buy down to the zip code level for its stores. This ensured that their densely packed store network in Manhattan and Brooklyn did not see stores competing against one another for traffic, while enabling ads to take customers directly to online ordering pages for the store that was closest to them - instead of needing to land on the store locator page. The streamlined UX helped lead to better results.

  • Targetable leveraged dynamic ad buying to optimize Sticky’s return across its stores. We focused Sticky’s ad spend in hyperlocal areas that generated the highest returns and dynamically apportioned their budget over time in best performing markets.

  • Targetable provided clear, responsive service. We were available to Sticky’s team to explain our strategies, ensure they aligned with the brand, and account for corporate promotions.

  • Targetable made Facebook advertising easy. Sticky’s was able to give Targetable a brief explanation of goals and Targetable was able to execute on them reducing the time Sticky’s needed to manage its Facebook and Instagram ads to minutes per week.


  • Sticky’s expanded more stores on Targetable. Sticky’s used Targetable to help advertise in all of their markets.

  • Sticky’s increased the ad budget to leverage performance. After seeing measurable return on ad spend, Sticky’s expanded their marketing investment. As Targetable does not charge a commission, it can let Sticky’s know when it is spending too much!

  • Targetable periodically updates creative to keep the brand fresh and ads performing. When ads have high frequencies (i.e.; the number of times the average hyperlocal customer sees a Sticky’s), Targetable will refresh the ads to avoid “brand fatigue.”


Measurable return on ad spend (ROAS) through Sticky’s online ordering site.
Not included are in-store sales or third party online ordering platforms where there is additional lift.

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