Nathan’s reached over 100,000 customers within a 4 mile radius

Targetable is not only very efficient from a spend standpoint, it's very quick to market. Targetable allows us to move much more rapidly and accurately than we would be able to without the Targetable solution.
James Walker - SVP, Restaurants - Nathan’s Famous


About Nathan's Famous

Nathan’s Famous operates 4 corporate owned locations in the greater New York metropolitan area and has a store network of over 300 franchisee locations. Further, the company developed a virtual kitchen operation under the brand Wings of New York.


Nathan’s Famous worked with an agency for traditional media, PR, and organic social media. Nathan’s Famous wanted to make a foray into paid social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and wanted to do so in a cost-effective manner.


  • Drive local brand awareness hyper-locally around store locations.

  • Drive traffic to online ordering pages across third-party delivery applications. 

  • Introduce paid digital marketing to the brand’s marketing mix.

  • Reduce their marketing operational burdens.


  • 100,000 customers within 4 mile radius: Within weeks, Targetable helped Nathan’s reach over 100,000 customers all within a 4 mile radius of four piloting corporate stores.

  • 17x more efficient than mailers: Targetable helped Nathan’s reach consumers 17x more efficiently than mailers.

  • Expansion to Ghost Kitchens: Nathan’s expanded use of Targetable to their ghost kitchen concept, Wings of New York.

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