Hyperlocal marketing turns a grand opening into a huge event.

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About Mo' Bettahs

The goal of Mo' Bettahs is to "transport guests to an authentic Hawaiian island experience". Brothers and founders Kimo and Kalani Mack started the first Mo' Bettahs in Bountiful, UT and have expanded to 30 locations! 

An Unlikely Location With Big Expectations

Mo' Bettahs were getting ready to open their newest location in the town of Ammon, ID. A small suburb, Ammon boasts a population of 16,000 with the greater Idaho Falls sphere closer to 140,000. With just seven days before the grand opening, Mo' Bettahs partnered with Targetable to elevate a set of promotions in the local area to drive a successful launch. 


  • Drive local awareness around the new restaurant location.

  • Collect emails for use in retention & promotions.

  • Hyperlocal targeting to reach only those who might participate.

  • Generate in-restaurant foot traffic starting day one.


  • Targetable launched attention-grabbing ads. We used different promotions to generate extreme interest for the grand opening.

  • Targetable utilized hyperlocal advertising. We targeted the specific area that would visit the Ammon, UT location. This ensured the only people seeing these ads were in the Greater Idaho Falls area. Not only did this help unsure a greater opportunity for revenue day one, but encouraged repeat visits as well.

  • Targetable made digital marketing easy. Mo' Bettahs was able to provide specific goals for their grand opening. Targetable took these, executed the marketing and presented a final strategy to Mo' Bettahs. This allowed them to have high quality digital marketing without spending the week before their grand opening trying to do it on their own.


  • Lines down the block. The marketing Targetable launched for Mo' Bettahs was so successful, the location had lines down the block for the entire multiple-day grand opening event.

  • Mo' Bettahs received significant opt-in for email marketing, allowing them to target both new and returning customers at no additional cost. Targetable's efforts generated the email address of 2.5% of the entire Greater Idaho Falls area.

  • Targetable continually refreshes the marketing outreach to avoid “brand fatigue", while continuing to increase Mo' Bettahs email list, customer base and repeat business. This playbook is now used at all Mo' Bettahs grand opening events.


Of the entire Idaho Falls metro area joined Mo' Bettahs email list, leading to a huge repeat business opportunity.

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