Expand Your Organic Reach On Facebook Following 5 Easy Steps!

Feb 25, 2021 2:57:42 PM

How to expand your reach on Facebook? It’s a question people often ask themselves when they’re not specialized in social media or digital marketing. But we are here to help you with a simple guide of good practices! 

If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself for some time, you’re not alone. Social media is a living organism. What works now and generates results can change entirely in only a small amount of time. 

The fact is: platforms like Facebook will deliver your organic post to only 5% of your followers. Yes, if your page has 100 followers, there are scenarios where only 5 of them will see your post. Makes you feel like you’re only losing time, right?

So, how to change that? Let’s review a basic list, from basic to expert level, of good practices to get your organic posts in front of your followers. 

#1 Ask Questions!

People love to answer surveys online. So if you come with questions on organic posts it’s an easy way to make people engage with your content. Try to add a little bit of humor to your post for extra power!

#2 Interact with your audience

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Posts with lots of interactions are well-seen by the platform and therefore have their reach amplified. The algorithm understands that the more interaction you have, the more relevant your post is. Interacting to every comment on your posts gets you the chance of starting chats with your targeted audience. Not only reply or like the comments on your post but stimulate the user to keep commenting through questions or suggestions.

#3 When to post on Facebook?

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You have that great idea for a post that will be engaging and all, but you share it at the wrong time of the day. Just like that, you reach nobody. That can happen, mainly if you post on a Sunday (the worst day of the week when it comes to organic reach on Facebook). But keep it cool; we’ll give you a list of days and times that you’re likely to have better success.

“I hate Mondays’’...not anymore! Mondays are great! If you post between 10 am, and 11 am, your post will have a great chance of reaching a good percentage of your audience. The same can be applied to Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are considered relatively safe days to post on Facebook. Do that between 8 am and 3 pm and you’ll be fine.

Weekends, alongside weekdays after 5 pm, keep being the worst days for organic posts. So keep that in mind and maybe avoid them.

Fun fact: Before the coronavirus pandemic, Wednesday used to be the best day of the week for organic posts. Other weekdays increased their performance with pandemic and lockdown. As we said, social media is a living organism!

#4 Share The Right Type of Media

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Facebook is a jealous platform, so if you share external links/posts on your page, you won’t have great results. The platform wants users to stay in, so have a preference for native content. Doing lives will be the more effective way to reach your audience, followed by sharing images, videos, and status.

#5 Consider Paid Advertising


So following the four previous steps, that is as far you can go to expand your reach on Facebook. Including paid ads in your planning will increase your use of social media at its full potential. 

Worldwide spending on Instagram and Facebook combined will rise to 22.5% this year and reach nearly $95 billion. Despite Instagram’s growth, Facebook still represents 71.5% of that number due to its incredible reach and precise targeting.


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