Do You Own Your Facebook Assets?

Jan 24, 2021 12:06:42 PM

Running your Facebook is more than just your  Business Page. Keep reading to learn how to check if you own your FULL Facebook presence. 

You more than likely have your Facebook page. You post regularly and maybe have hooked in a messenger app. You and a few employees are administrators of the page.  And you may have boosted some posts.

You are set-up perfectly for organic and boosted posts. But you may not be set-up appropriately for paid advertising.

There are two other assets you must be aware of to run paid ads:

  1. Business Manager: A tool that allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages and connect them to ad accounts. 
  2. Ad Account: A tool where you can build ads, connect how you pay for ads and see how they are performing.

Business Managers "own" the pages that are tied to them. Confusingly, this is altogether separate than which people are "administrators" to the page.

To see if a Business Manager owns your page and who are administrators on your page, go to your page then click "Settings" then "Page Roles." Here is a screenshot from Targetable's account:

Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 11.46.44 AM

The page owner is a Business Manager with an ID of 615353362248167 that we have named "Targetable," which should not be confused with the Targetable Business Page. The Business Manager is a separate web page that has its own administrators who need the right permissions to access it. 

You should check which Business Manager owns your Business Page, if any. Make sure you access to it. Otherwise, someone else owns one of your very important Facebook assets.

Once you know you have access to your Business Manager and your Business Page then you are in position to set-up Ad Accounts to run sophisticated, effective advertising.

Not sure if you have a Business Manager? Want to confirm your Business Manager owns your Business Page? Are you sure you're configured correctly but want help running your ads?

Talk to Targetable. We'll audit your assets to make sure you can run ads. The Targetable Marketing Platform, which makes your ads for you, connects into your assets ensuring you own your Facebook presence.

To learn more,  schedule a demo today.

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