Creating a Successful Advertising Campaign for Facebook: 8 Must-Have Tips to Know

Jan 6, 2020 11:34:20 AM

Are you ready to take your advertising campaign into the digital age?

The key to any successful advertising campaign in the modern world is using social media. Specifically - Facebooks Ads.

Facebook is still the most used social media site in the world with 2.41 million active monthly users. Advertising on Facebook is cost-effective and you can easily track and customize your ads to create a strategy that works for your unique business needs.

With Facebook Ads, you're in control but it's important that you know what you're doing to get a good return on your investment. Keep reading for 8 must-know tips for creating a successful advertising campaign using Facebook. </p>

1. Determine What You Want From Your Ads

The first step in creating a successful advertising campaign on Facebook is determining what you want your ads to do for your business.

Any good marketing campaign needs an objective. With Facebooks Ads, determining your marketing objective is easy. Facebook Ads can be used for just about any business goal, whether you want to increase your followers, engagement, or sales conversion rates.

Setting a goal for your ad campaign will help you analyze its success.

2. Set Your Target Audience

In this day and age, everyone and their mother is on Facebook. Literally. But not all of these users fit into your target audience.

You want to target your ads to ensure they are seen by those who are most likely to purchase your product or service. You can set your target audience to everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page, or a custom audience. Targetable automates this function for you. 

You might opt for people connected to your page if you are looking to turn followers into customers. On the other hand, if you lack a large enough follower base but have a list of customers, you can upload that list and allow Facebook to create a list of target users from that data.

If your business is small or just new, you can use Facebook's Audience Insights tool to narrow down a target audience from all Facebook users by setting parameters. Your audience should be specific, but not so specific that no one sees your ad.

You can also use retargeting to focus advertising on users who show an interest in your product or service but haven't yet made a purchase.

3. Use Images

One of the biggest benefits of using Facebook ads is the ability to capture the attention of passive users. They aren't necessarily looking for a product or service but you have the opportunity to leave an impression if your ads are worthy of their attention.

Bright and high-quality images are the key to preventing potential customers from scrolling past your ad. If your ad contains too much text, Facebook will show it to fewer users. Let your photos speak for you by depicting actual people using your products.

4. Or Better Yet, Use Video

If you can, use videos whenever possible. Videos can be used to convey more information than a single picture and can really tell the story of your brand.

Facebook will autoplay videos which can catch the attention of casual scrollers. With video ads on Facebook, it's best if they don't rely on sound because most users will be watching them on their phones. 

5. What to Say

While images and videos are essential to running a successful advertising campaign in the age of social media, you don't want to underestimate the importance of good copy.

What you should (and shouldn't) say in your ads is just as important as the image or video itself.

Ad copy should start with an engaging hook or attention grabber. This might be a question or a shocking statistic. Using this tactic will ensure you grab the reader's attention and prevent them from scrolling or hiding your ad.

Following the attention grabber, you should include a sentence or two that adds value and makes the reader want to learn more about your product or service.

Finally, your ad should conclude with a call to action. Forgetting this last part is a fatal mistake as readers won't know what to do next.

6. What Not to Say

While you probably know that ads should focus on the benefit provided to the reader, Facebook doesn't like ads that use the word "you." This can certainly present a challenge but there are ways around it.

You can opt for alternatives such as "your," "you're," or "yourself." Facebook will also flag any ad that seems to be advertising a banned product. These include firearms and supplements.

7. How to Say It

The way your ads reads to your target audience can be as important as what it actually says.

You want to avoid sounding overtly like an ad. Learning how to create ads that don't sound like ads takes practice. You want to convince people that clicking on your ad somehow benefits them.

Most people dislike being told what to do, especially from someone who is selling them something. Creating persuasive copy relies on your ability to demonstrate the value of your product or service to the consumer.

<p>It's also important that you present your copy in a way that is easy to read. Avoid large walls of texts at all costs. Instead, break text up into paragraphs using headers and sub-headers.

Experiment with bulleted lists and other style techniques.

8. Optimizing Your Ads

Finally, you can use Facebook's A/B split testing tool to optimize your ads.

With this feature, you can create several versions of ads for the same ad set. Then, you will test their success against each other.

Be sure to let your ads run for a few days. This tool allows you to see what works and what doesn't. You can single out the most successful elements and combine them into one perfect ad.

Let Us Help You Create a Successful Advertising Campaign

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