5 Restaurant Trends You Need To Take Advantage Of ASAP!

Feb 12, 2021 10:18:26 AM

2020 was a year that tested the restaurant industry and showed that adaptation and innovation are the keys to success. Is your business already taking advantage of these restaurant trends? Let’s find out!

Trends often come and go, but after all we went through last year, we’re pretty sure these ones are here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. 

What’s important is to understand them and to adapt them into your marketing strategy, since consumers changed their behaviors, you need to know exactly how to reach them and what they are looking for. Here are the top 5 restaurant trends you need to know!

#1 People Are Looking For Meal Subscriptions

According to the National Restaurant Association, customers are interested in signing up to get meals during the month for pickup or delivery—at a discounted price. 

Since they are more used to ordering delivery, they want to get benefits from it, and of course, save some money! Offering meal subscriptions is a great way to drive more sales and build brand loyalty.

#2 Plant-based Options Need To Be On Your Menu

The global vegan food market keeps growing and growing! According to Forbes, the COVID-19 contingency made most of the consumers adapt more of a plant-based diet and even big restaurant chains such as Jack In the Box and KFC are already responding. 

Do you already have plant-based menu options? If you don’t, it's definitely something you need to think about to reach a new and big audience! And if you do, you definitely need to highlight them in your marketing strategy.

#3 Cheers! Offering Alcohol To-Go Is A Must

In 2021, not offering alcohol to-go could make you lose sales! Why? As we said before, 2020 was a tough year, and of course people needed a drink! 

According to the National Restaurant Association, consumers (21+) said they included an alcoholic beverage with a takeout or delivery order since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and they’ll continue to in the future.

#4 Limited-Time Menu Items And Offers Are A Hit

Consumers get easily bored, and they are looking for novelty and freshness! You can offer a special menu item or an attractive deal that’s going to be available for a limited time. 

This strategy has proved to be effective in driving high customer traffic! If you’re not already implementing it, try thinking what new and exciting ingredients you can offer or what kind of deals your customers value the most.

#5 Digital Advertising Will Be The Top Priority

What’s the first thing consumers do when they get hungry? Of course, they grab their phones and search for good delivery options! For a few years, restaurant owners have been understanding the importance of digital advertising, but now in 2021, it’s not an option, it's a priority.

With digital advertising, you can track conversions and target exactly who you want to reach. And since online food ordering is here to stay, it’s high-priority to do more than just one TV commercial or radio spot, you need to have a strong digital strategy.


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