4 Ways to Digitize Your Business

Apr 5, 2021 10:58:02 AM

The challenges of 2020 expedited the trend of restaurants going digital. Customer expectations have shifted and the way they are interacting with your brand has changed.

Let’s list the four ways you can digitize your business to meet customer expectations.

#1: Easier, more convenient online ordering

Since 2016, mobile and tablet devices have overcome desktop as the main way for users to access social media. People with phones also spend more time online. At the same time, desktop still wins when it comes to conversion rate. Why? Probably because businesses have to improve a lot their mobile user interfaces to facilitate conversion by phone.

So when building online ordering on your website - or choosing a platform for that - always take into consideration how phone-friendly it is!

Another important factor are ads. They have to be powerful and get clients straight to your online ordering page. The fewer clicks, the better -- your online funnels need to be seamless! Learn how Targetable can do that for your business, whether you are a single location or multi-unit operator.

#2: ReviewsiStock-1160735344

With the increasing number of people preferring to order online, reviews are the one and only source of information new customers will have. According to Hootsuite, 80% of people will read reviews before ordering, so it’s important to be transparent. Of course, not all of your reviews will be perfect. So it becomes important to answer all of them, even more the bad ones.

Try and convert an unsatisfied customer into a repurchaser. And if they do not buy, still make sure to respond so other prospective customers can see what may have happened with the poor reviewing customer and decide not to let it factor too much into their decision. 

#3: Email

Email may feel unsophisticated, but it is a great way to get customers to buy again. Get on a cadence and send an email to your customers every week or two.

The key is growing your list and the best way to do that is ensure you get your customers' emails with each online order. It is the best time to ask for a customer's email as they will want to receive updates to track their order.

And what is a good way to find new customers? Facebook and Instagram ads! Your ads will drive more orders from new customers which lets you capture emails to turn around and drive reorders from them.

#4: Rewards Programs


Reward or loyalty programs are around for decades, but they still are a very interesting and effective way to engage customers. With delivery apps, ghost kitchens, big chains, etc. customers have endless options when it comes to online food ordering, so the certainty of an eventual reward can be an important factor. 

Gamifying the experience so customers have incentive with each order that still does not break the bank for you is a tremendous way to make your relationship with them stickier. 


Digitizing your business is a big win towards acquiring new customers and getting more orders out of existing ones. 

Social media marketing plays a huge role for both:

  1. It drives new orders;
  2. New orders collect customer information that allows you to remarket to them.

If after reading this you feel overwhelmed because achieving these goals sounds like a lot of work, Targetable is the tool you need. We’ll send you out Facebook and Instagram campaigns ready to publish! We’ll make sure you have a campaign for each of your goals.

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