You cook. We'll get customers in the door.

We create powerful ads on social media, targeting the customers in your area. You set the budget, so unlike using an ad agency, you get a huge boost in visibility without hurting your bottom line.

Chefs, cooks and restaurant owners use Targetable

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Internet marketing drives orders. Great food & service drive repeat customers.

We're terrible cooks, or so we've been told. But we know how to drive more customers to your front door or online ordering system. Let us do the marketing for you and we'll promise not to cook. When you have time to focus on your craft, your repeat business will grow with you.


We're here to help.

Our goal to help small and medium restaurants and businesses gain more customers without having to navigate the complicated marketing space. Our team develops creative images, writes ad copy and targets YOUR market, letting you get back to cooking. 

We'll have a short meeting with you, to learn about your business, your location and your target market and we'll do the rest. Then you can watch the customers and orders pour in and we'll let you know what our work has done. Easy, simple and super effective.


Manage Locations and Brands

Manage all of your brands and locations in one simple feed. If you have multiple locations or different brands, you can manage all of the marketing in Targetable. No need for multiple accounts, we can handle everything in one easy-to-use interface.

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No pressure, no pushy sales people. Our team is here to help you grow and we'll show you how easy it is to use Targetable to manage your restaurant's digital marketing. When you're convinced, our success team will guide you through the couple of setup steps and then you're off! Our Studio team will design brilliant, powerful ads to start driving business to your location(s).


I want to create another hamburger, I don’t want to dig into how these clicks are coming in.

They’re handling it for you - it’s awesome.

Alan Cohen
AJ's Burgers

If I didn't have Targetable, there'd be no paid [ads] at all.'

Desi Saran
CEO of Sweetberry