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What is 'TargetablePal' (Powered by ChatGPT)?

'TargetablePal' is a in-app feature that utilizes an AI tool which is more widely known as 'ChatGPT'.

You can access 'TargetablePal' by clicking on the chat icon (red arrow in figure below). You can then start sending prompts by typing in the textbox area (green arrow in figure below) and pressing 'enter' or clicking on the send button. In a few seconds you should get a response back.

'TargetablePal' is not available for all customers as it is currently in Beta. If you want to join the Beta or you are in the Beta and cannot see this feature, please contact us at support@targetable.com.

ProdGuide - User - TargetablePal01

You can identify responses and prompts by the avatars within the chat (red and blue arrow in figure below). You can also copy the entire text of the responses within the chat by clicking on the copy icon (green arrow in figure below).

ProdGuide - User - TargetablePal02

Don't know what to write? Responses not meeting your expectations? Read this article on how you can help improve the quality of your prompts for better quality responses.