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Best Practices in Using 'TargetablePal' & Other GPT Models

Tips on how to write prompts for better quality responses from 'TargetablePal' & other tools that use GPT models.

Much like using a search engine for a topic, ChatGPT also works in a way where the quality you get back correlates with the quality you put in.

A good way to look at ChatGPT is that it is a predictive tool. Ex/ ChatGPT would try to complete the sentence "The sky is..." with 'blue', 'cloudy', and etc. as opposed to 'pink'.

To oversimplify, imagine you are playing charades -- the better clues you give, the better the answers can be.

Be as precise as possible

Give more clues for ChatGPT to narrow down a better quality answer.


Who's president? Who is the president of the United States in 2024?
I need headlines for my business. Give me 5 headlines for my pizza restaurant in New York City that is no longer than 90 characters long.

Provide reference text

While you can rely on the data that ChatGPT was trained on, providing information or references in the prompt will help keep the responses more accurate.

Worst Better
I need a headline for Taco Well's Burritos Bonitos Tacos I need a headline for Taco Well's burrito called "Burritos Bonitos Tacos", which is a burrito with nacho chips, shredded lettuce, beef, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sour cream wrapped in a flour tortilla. 
I need a headline for Burger Prince's with their tagline. I need a headline for Burger Prince's tagline which is "Have it our way".