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What Is Targetable?

Social media advertising is one of the best ways to reach your customers, but it’s hard to get the most out of it while running your restaurant too. That’s why we created Targetable. It’s the first virtual ad agency created by restaurant people, for restaurant people. We’ve taken all of the stress out of advertising on Facebook and Instagram and made it just as quick and straightforward as ordering lunch on your favorite food delivery app.

In just a few minutes, the platform generates a full digital marketing campaign tailored specifically for your restaurant. All you have to do is answer a few short questions a week and decide which ads to publish. Targetable handles the rest. 

Each campaign includes both the ad and a customized ad strategy to zero in on your exact customers and show them the most effective ads at precisely the right times. Easily set budgets, target audiences, and publishing schedules- all in user-friendly format. Your ads will arrive already populated with images, text, and links. All you have to do is decide which ones to edit, dismiss, or publish.

Some reasons you might like us are:

  • Ease of use and simplicity.

Even if you have the extra time to deal with them, traditional Ad platforms are notoriously hard to use. Targetable simplifies the whole process and creates an entirely new way to get quick and easy results. If you know how to share a picture on a social network, then you already know how to use the Targetable App. It’s that simple.

  • Get help with all of your questions.

You don’t need to know anything about marketing. Targetable will help you execute effective local advertising on Facebook and Instagram, the right way. Need help devising your strategy? Targetable has it covered. Suggested Campaigns use data to answer questions like, how much you should spend, where to focus or target your audience, and the best times to run your ads.


  • You are always in control.

While we provide initial answers, they’re just suggestions. You can edit any part of a Suggested Campaign including text, images, who to target, and when to run your ads.

  • Our ads are pre-formatted.

That means your Suggested Campaigns come pre-sized and formatted for Facebook, Instagram, and coming soon- Google & Youtube. While you can edit to your heart’s desire, you can also just press Publish.

  • Our system optimizes campaigns.

The app learns from each ad that you publish and gets smarter over time by reacting to how well your Campaigns perform. The more you use the app, the better your campaigns become.