How do I add Keywords to a Campaign?

Follow these instructions to set or edit the Keywords for a Campaign.

Please note that a Campaign's Keywords can only be edited if the Campaign is in Draft status. To edit a Campaign in Draft status, click on the Campaign's card and expand the Targetable Keywords dropdown.

To enter keywords for your Campaign, click on the Add Targets field and type in your keywords. Targetable will search for and automatically present matching interests in Facebook, as shown below:
IV-A Create A Campaign - Keywords

Select your keyword from the options available in the dropdown menu. You can delete a selected keyword by clicking the X near the keyword. 

You don’t have to add keywords, but they help put your ads in front of the right people. We suggest experimenting with two to four keywords, and then slowly adding, removing, or changing them to monitor their effect on performance. By matching your keywords with characteristics about the ad’s audience, you’re more likely to find people who will resonate with your Campaign.

Keywords should make sense for your restaurant and specific Campaign. Try to think of who the advertisement will appeal to when choosing your Keywords, and this will help determine which prospective customers to target.