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Definitions of important features and terms you'll encounter in Targetable.


This is the homepage for Targetable, and where you’ll find Insights and Suggested Campaigns that Targetable has created for you.


A Campaign refers to all the components needed to run an online ad. That includes everything from the advertising strategy (budget, duration, ad radius, audience), to the creative elements (text copy, images).  

Suggested Campaign

Your Suggested Campaign arrives ready to publish. Targetable’s AI does all of the thinking for you by determining the advertising objective, strategy, budget, duration, ad radius, audience, text, and images. You can decide to publish immediately, or easily edit any of these components before going live. 



Insights help create compelling ad campaigns that resonate with your customers. The app collects data based on your restaurant, and it’s surrounding area. Then, it pairs that information with other details such as feedback from your customers on Yelp and Facebook. The more you agree or disagree with the Insight, the smarter your advertisements will become.



A budget determines how much money will be spent on a Campaign. You can set your Campaign’s Budget to have a Daily Limit (the average amount you’re willing to spend every day on a Campaign) or a Lifetime Limit (the total amount you’re willing to spend over the lifetime of a Campaign). 


Radius Targeting

Radius targeting is an excellent tool for reaching potential customers near your restaurant. A Suggested Campaign will include a recommendation for how big or small the Ad Radius should be, but you are welcome to adjust the size in accordance with events happening in your area.



Choose your audience based on a combination of demographic information such as age, gender, language, and interests that your Campaign will target. A Suggested Campaign will include a suggestion for the Audience, but you are welcome to edit this as you see fit.