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Updated April 27th: 

Governors in some U.S. states have started efforts to reopen certain businesses following coronavirus lockdowns, even as the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator warned a technology breakthrough is needed and some social-distancing measures could last for months. Business restrictions and stay-at-home orders have sent the jobless rate soaring in recent weeks — prompting a push to restart economies — while health experts warn there is still not enough testing capacity to reopen safely, risking a new wave of infections.

More U.S. updates:

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State By State Information


California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday called for all bars, nightclubs, wineries, & breweries to close, according to KTLA. Restaurants will be allowed to stay open but will be asked to decrease occupancy by 50% to keep people farther away from each other, Newsom said at a news conference. 

California (Northern, Bay Area)

In the six Bay Area counties, non-essential gatherings of any size are now banned, along with non-essential travel “on foot, bicycle, scooter, automobile or public transit.” People may travel for shopping for necessary supplies, accessing health care, and providing aid to family and friends who need assistance, and for non-residents, returning to their home outside the Bay Area. Airports, taxis, and public transit — including BART — will remain operational, but only for essential travel and people are expected to keep six feet apart when possible. Restaurants may stay open to provide takeout food only. Per SF Chronicle


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that restaurants in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey will only be open for takeout.


All bars and restaurants will be closed to dine-in customers as of end of business Monday night, through March 30, according to WGN.

“As your governor, I can’t allow the gravity of these decisions from taking the measures that experts say will keep people safe,” said Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.


Gov. Eric Holcomb said bars, nightclubs and restaurants are required to close for in-person dining, Fox 59 reported. Delivery and takeout services are still allowed through the end of March, according to the governor’s office.


Governor Andy Beshear has ordered all Kentucky restaurants and bars to close to in-person traffic. Takeout will still be an option.


Gov. Larry Hogan ordered the shutdown of all bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms in Maryland, effective at 5 p.m. Monday.


Governor Charlie Baker announced a ban on eating in restaurants and bars in Massachusetts due to the coronavirus concerns, WWLP reported.

Take-away and delivery services won’t be affected by the rules, nor will grocery stores or pharmacies.


To prevent the spread of coronavirus, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will be ordering bars to close and restaurants to stop dine-in service in Michigan Monday, according to WOOD-TV.

Under the order, takeout and delivery will still be allowed.

Whitmer said it’s too early to say how long the order will be in place.

New Jersey

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that restaurants in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey will only be open for takeout.

New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that restaurants in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey will only be open for takeout. Read more from WIVB in Buffalo.


Gov. Mike DeWine announced all restaurants and bars in the state will close at 9 p.m. Sunday, except to carry out, drive-thru and delivery food and drink service, according to WCMH.

DeWine said he came to the decision after being contacted by citizens around the state sharing photos and stories of crowded bars Saturday night, despite warnings of social distancing and the governor’s edict limiting crowds to no larger than 100 people.


Governor Tom Wolf has ordered bars and restaurants to only offer takeout or delivery. The new regulations begin Monday at midnight.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s governor ordered all restaurants, bars, coffee shops to shut down to in-person diners until March 30, drive-thru and delivery services can remain open, according to WPRI.


Gov. Jay Inslee plans to issue an emergency declaration on Monday that would close restaurants, bars and some entertainment facilities to public visitors.

Restaurants will be able to provide take-out and delivery options. However, there will be no in-person dining.

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Financial & Business Resourcess

Grubhub and Major Cities Across the U.S. Launch Economic Relief Effort up to $100 Million for Independent Restaurants
In collaboration with the mayors of large cities across the United States who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 response efforts, Grubhub today announced it is temporarily suspending collection of up to $100 million in commission payments from impacted independent restaurants nationwide. Link

SBA to Provide Disaster Assistance Loans for Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Link

World Health Organization Guidance: Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19
In January 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease in Hubei Province, China to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. WHO stated there is a high risk of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreading to other countries around the world.
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Food Safety & Handwashing Handout in English and Espanol 
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Restaurant Staff Explainer: What is COVID-19 Coronavirus? What Can You Do? 
Coronavirus is a respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China, and believed to have initially spread from animals to humans but now is spreading from person-to-person contact.
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How to Manage Your Restaurant During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
We’re just beginning to understand the public health impact of COVID-19, and it’s difficult to gauge how restaurants will be impacted over the coming months. 
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